People explore all the remote nooks of the world but for some reason one place still remains beyond the grasp of travelers. This is Antarctica. The reason is explicable. This frozen continent does not have permanent citizens. It does not have cities, towns or villages to serve the tourists. There is no currency here. Therefore, you can find only research stations and scientists who come to make their investigations at the place. You can see only a penguin colony there, which are rather friendly and like when people walk among them. It is exciting to watch the dolphins leap into the water from the iceberg. Watch the fat elephant seals that lie on the beach, many unusual birds circling above you and your ship.

24680_Buckelwal9The whales will certainly be one of the most spectacular shows of wild nature you have ever seen. They leap from the water with their tails emerging. The flippers of the tail look like an airplane. This is incredible to watch such beauty. Iceberg look mesmerizing in Antarctica.

Such journey is too extraordinary and too adventurous so not every person is able to accept it. There is no opportunity to enjoy disco and spa on the ship, but still this travel experience stands out. It does not look like anything else.

It is advised to visit the region during the Antarctic summer that lasts from November to March. If you want to economize then it is better to buy the trip in the beginning of the season. However, the wildlife is not so diverse then. All expect to make incredible shots when they to Antarctica. Clear and shiny Antarctic ice is the best in November. Though penguins start their courtship rituals then, it is impossible to get to some places because ice is thicker there. The days are also short at that period.

In December, you have more chances to observe the penguins that hatch on the Antarctic Peninsula. It becomes especially noisy by February in penguins community. Those who want to see the whales should not come earlier than February, which is the best month for watching them. The beginning of March will also be good for it. Besides, many fur seals can be observed then.

image_galleryTaken into account that the trip can be referred to the extreme ones, you should take special care about your safety. The travelling operator must enter the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators. It sets stricter safety rules and rests environmental responsibilities upon them.

If you want to make such trip, you should do it on a cruise ship. The most recommendable are the ones that can carry 50-200 passengers. Such vessels are not luxurious as a rule, but you will definitely have a very professional team, which is more important under the circumstances. It is necessary for them to have experience of work in polar region.

The price is more expensive as a rule than to other places of the planet. The cheapest tour to Antarctica costs from 6,000 dollars. The most expensive trip can cost 45,000 dollars, but this is the cost for joining the land expedition or the fly to the campsite where you can observe the emperor penguins.

There are additional offers for lovers of extreme rest. They can enjoy cross country skiing, kayaking, mountaineering or snowshoeing. There are even trips with divers and those who can take advantage of snorkeling opportunities in the waters of Antarctica.

The itineraries include the Falkland Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. Antarctica has a special atmosphere and suits lovers of animals most of all. There is not so much to do there if you do not love the wonders of northern nature.


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